DLV tests TOPBUXUS Health-Mix

DLV Plant is a leading, independent advisory and research partner for the vegetative sectors. Its activities focus on advice, research and projects in the Netherlands and internationally. in 2014 DLV has executed an independent experiment on the prevention and to combat the Boxwood Mold Cylindrocladium Buxicola, conducted at their research station in Boskoop (NL). In this test, the strategies of manufacturers of chemical fungiicides were tested, as well as alternative strategies like the strategy of TOPBUXUS BV with the product TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX

The biological approach of TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX, with even 30% fewer treatments, got better testresults than most chemicals!



This graph shows vertically the percentage of infected plants per test field and horizontally the date.


Click the following link to view the complete test report:
DLV presentation

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