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We dare to claim that we have the worldwide solution for Boxblight. Our treatment works preventive and curative and the strategy is: “On natural base”. The solution is available for all types of customers : nurseries, gardeners and end consumers.

We organize an “OPEN DOOR DAY” on our demo field regularly. We will invite research centers, test stations, schools, media and (potential) customers from all over Europe. You can watch our dronevideo of the demofield with the following link.

As stated before, our solution is a STRATEGY (and not just one product). We will shortly present our 4th product in this range. Together with the other products (picture attached) we tackle all Boxwood-problems from a producers point of view. Details on the latest product are still a secret, but the name is not: TOPBUXUS CARPET.

If your are interested to visit our presentation in one of our Boxwood fields please let us know: . It is possible to come visit our demo field by appointment as well.

We will respond as soon as possible.